Review: Fantasy · Review: Teen Fiction

These Lies That Live Between Us by Kai Raine

Three sisters: the heir, the airhead and the dead. Parting in anger, each attempts to confront the looming threat of invaders practicing forbidden magic in her own way. However, they soon learn that history is not so simple—much like their bond to one another.

This is the start of a fantasy epic about family, adventure, love, loss and the ever-changing interpretation of history long gone.

As you may be aware, Kai Raine is my pseudonym, so this is my book. Therefore, this isn’t actually a review so much as it is a plug, so I’ll be brief. If you like fantasy novels, check out this one.

These Lies That Live Between Us is now available in ebook form at Amazon (US, UK, Germany, India, Japan, Italy, France and others) Kobo, Google Books and iBooks! Paperback is now available from Barnes and Noble!

these lies that live between us - ebook cover

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