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TV Show Review: Altered Carbon (Season 1)

This review will be relatively spoiler-free: events of the first episode will be revealed, and theme discussions will be kept vague. Summary In the future, death has become a tragedy belonging only to the past, the religious, and the poor. There is a new tragedy: the decreasing humanity of the wealthy ruling class, who have… Continue reading TV Show Review: Altered Carbon (Season 1)

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Book Review: The Devil’s Lieutenant by Shervin Jamali

This review will be relatively spoiler free, only revealing the basic plot elements of the novella in question. Summary Michael has tragically lost his family. Learning that the souls of his dead wife and son might be trapped in hell, he enters into a deal with the Devil to save them: a deal that may… Continue reading Book Review: The Devil’s Lieutenant by Shervin Jamali

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Interview: Carmen Kern, Author & Photographer

Carmen Kern is a writer and photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. Her work tends to be infused with mythological creatures, the immortal and most things unexplainable. When she's not writing, Carmen is usually lurking in alleyways and barren landscapes taking pictures and foraging for story ideas. Almost every story she's written has come from an… Continue reading Interview: Carmen Kern, Author & Photographer

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Interview: Kwinn Mitchell, Author (& Artist)

This week, Kai is interviewing Kwinn Mitchell. Kwinn is an author (and artist, as you'll see!) based in Phoenix, AZ with a sci-fi trilogy in the works. He runs a podcast (Sci-Fi Happy Hour) that talks about sci-fi and geek culture. The podcast is on hiatus at the moment, but he has plans to resume… Continue reading Interview: Kwinn Mitchell, Author (& Artist)