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The Storybooker’s Untranslated: A Primer

Welcome to the beginning of The Storybooker’s Untranslated: a series where I will be talking about Japanese books that never got translated into English.

Stories and Me

I saw a post today about how everyone has three true loves. To oversimplify it, they talk about how there’s the innocent, naive one that you expect to last forever; the one that teaches you about yourself, that is often painful; and the one that is utterly unexpected, that nurtures and sustains you.

It’s total nonsense, of course. But a few hours after I read it and dismissed it, I had the fleeting thought: One of my true loves would be stories.

Stories to me have always been these living, breathing things, and consuming a story brings that life into me. A good story can consume me; can wrap around my mind and refuse to let go for weeks.

To the chagrin of many of my family and friends, this intensity of my relationship with requires an outlet, and that outlet has often been rambling incessantly.

In my preteen years, I discovered fanfiction, and this helped a little.

In university, I started this blog, and that helped a little more.

But there’s one sort of story that I still read and have no outlet for: untranslated Japanese novels (and comics, I guess).

The Storybooker’s Untranslated

What use would there be in talking about Japanese books to an English-speaking audience? In some cases, I agree that I should probably just start a Japanese blog and say whatever I feel like.

But there are some cases where I’d like to speak specifically to an English-speaking audience about certain books, like for example:

So I thought I’d try and see.

A Note on Format

In principle, I’m planning this to be a vlog series; but as I discussed today on my other blog, I’m a complete newbie at that format.

But on the other hand, I can’t embed videos into my posts on this blog, either.

I think I might end up making a sort of blog/vlog combo anyway, linking each to the other…

Anyway, we’ll see how this goes!

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