Master Lists

A Resource for GoT Fans Battling Disappointment

I’ve been a huge fan of Game of Thrones ever since I first discovered the books and the show simultaneously some 7-8 years ago. So I would like to preface this by saying: I’m not trying to diss the show. I’m not trying to challenge anyone who is still enjoying the show.
I am still watching. I am still excited at every episode, and I do feel emotions when watching those episodes.
Here’s the thing: I don’t think it is possible to deny the drop in quality any longer. The show isn’t what it was. HOWEVER. I’m not interested in complaining about that in a public forum. There’s plenty of that out there already.
What I am interested in is the people who have looked at the GoT episodes of the last few seasons, analyzed them, and come up with alternative storylines that would make them better.
Thus, below I have linked a YouTube playlist that I am compiling. Some of these are theories for the future. Some of them are retrospective theoretical rewrites.
For me, it helps to weave these theories into my headcanon, creating a story within the confines of my head that is much more satisfying. The interactiveness of this is quite fun too, albeit a different kind of fun than watching an intellectually stimulating show.
I will continue to add to this playlist as I find more compelling theories.

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