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(The Start of) An Impassioned Defense of Fan Fiction

As a general rule, I don't post reviews of fanfics on this blog. Certainly, there was one notable instance—an instance in which said fanfic was eventually published as a book for sale, incidentally. Lately, I've begun to ask myself: Why is that? This is my "dirty" secret: I read a lot of fanfic. As a… Continue reading (The Start of) An Impassioned Defense of Fan Fiction

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Fairy Tales (and Books, and Me)

Hi. I'm obsessed with fairy tales. And books. And mythology, and folklore, and variations thereof, and this blog was begun as a knee jerk reaction to a conversation with my grandmother about life. Ahem. Let me start at the beginning. I'm a graduate student of biology. Specifically, neurobiology. If you ask me about it in… Continue reading Fairy Tales (and Books, and Me)