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A Resource for GoT Fans Battling Disappointment

I've been a huge fan of Game of Thrones ever since I first discovered the books and the show simultaneously some 7-8 years ago. So I would like to preface this by saying: I'm not trying to diss the show. I'm not trying to challenge anyone who is still enjoying the show. I am still… Continue reading A Resource for GoT Fans Battling Disappointment

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The Storybooker’s Untranslated: A Primer

Welcome to the beginning of The Storybooker's Untranslated: a series where I will be talking about Japanese books that never got translated into English. Stories and Me I saw a post today about how everyone has three true loves. To oversimplify it, they talk about how there's the innocent, naive one that you expect to… Continue reading The Storybooker’s Untranslated: A Primer