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Book Review: Hamster Princess Series by Ursula Vernon

There will be spoilers for the first book in this review, as well as mentions of events in subsequent books. Summary In this excellent reimagination of fairy tales set in the rodent kingdom, Harriet the hamster princess deals with curses, fairies, and many a rodent who doesn't want to get married. Harriet herself has been… Continue reading Book Review: Hamster Princess Series by Ursula Vernon

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The Storybooker’s Untranslated: A Primer

Welcome to the beginning of The Storybooker's Untranslated: a series where I will be talking about Japanese books that never got translated into English. Stories and Me I saw a post today about how everyone has three true loves. To oversimplify it, they talk about how there's the innocent, naive one that you expect to… Continue reading The Storybooker’s Untranslated: A Primer