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Essay: Horrific Parenting in Fairy Tales

There are virtually no good parents in the world of fairy tales. At best, there are saintly mothers who die immediately after giving birth, only to be replaced by an Evil Stepmother. I've read some brilliant analyses that point out that the Perfect Mother and the Evil Stepmother may, in fact, be one and the… Continue reading Essay: Horrific Parenting in Fairy Tales

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Movie Review: Disney’s Frozen (Spoiler Free)

This is Disney's latest fairy tale retelling and princess movie, "inspired by" Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen. If you haven't read it, you probably won't gain anything by reading it before you watch the movie. If you're very familiar with the original story, you will find comfortable echoes here and there. This is a… Continue reading Movie Review: Disney’s Frozen (Spoiler Free)