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Interview: M. Pepper Langlinais, Author

M Pepper Langlinais is an author, award-winning screenwriter, and produced playwright. She writes in a wide variety of genres including mystery, fantasy, and historical romance. M worked on the set of the film Hope Floats and was a participant in the Shakespeare at Winedale program at UT Austin. She has also taught Shakespeare, mythology, and… Continue reading Interview: M. Pepper Langlinais, Author

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Book Review: Brynnde by M. Pepper Langlinais

Brynnde by M. Pepper Langlinais is a regency romance about a young woman who is eligible for marriage, but knows that her appeal will far pale in comparison to that of her stuck-up younger sister Tessa. Nevertheless, Brynnde's personality ends up outshining Tessa's beauty, winning friendships as well as love. This was a delightful read.… Continue reading Book Review: Brynnde by M. Pepper Langlinais