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Untranslated: Stepfather Step by Miyuki Miyabe

Stepfather Step happens to be my favorite book by Miyuki Miyabe. It also happens to be one of her books that was never translated into English. Summary A professional thief crashes into the lives of two middle schoolers—literally—when a heist goes improbably wrong. These middle schoolers are twin boys with a crisis of their own,… Continue reading Untranslated: Stepfather Step by Miyuki Miyabe

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The Storybooker’s Untranslated: A Primer

Welcome to the beginning of The Storybooker's Untranslated: a series where I will be talking about Japanese books that never got translated into English. Stories and Me I saw a post today about how everyone has three true loves. To oversimplify it, they talk about how there's the innocent, naive one that you expect to… Continue reading The Storybooker’s Untranslated: A Primer