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A Resource for GoT Fans Battling Disappointment

I've been a huge fan of Game of Thrones ever since I first discovered the books and the show simultaneously some 7-8 years ago. So I would like to preface this by saying: I'm not trying to diss the show. I'm not trying to challenge anyone who is still enjoying the show. I am still… Continue reading A Resource for GoT Fans Battling Disappointment

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Interview: Shervin Jamali, author of The Devil’s Lieutenant

Shervin Jamali has been writing his whole life, after starting out as a playwright. He wrote his first play, "Barstruck," when he was nineteen. It wasn't until a couple of years ago that it started to click and Shervin felt he had stories to tell that people might like to read. He enjoysthe ride, but… Continue reading Interview: Shervin Jamali, author of The Devil’s Lieutenant

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Interview: M. Pepper Langlinais, Author

M Pepper Langlinais is an author, award-winning screenwriter, and produced playwright. She writes in a wide variety of genres including mystery, fantasy, and historical romance. M worked on the set of the film Hope Floats and was a participant in the Shakespeare at Winedale program at UT Austin. She has also taught Shakespeare, mythology, and… Continue reading Interview: M. Pepper Langlinais, Author

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Interview: Kwinn Mitchell, Author (& Artist)

This week, Kai is interviewing Kwinn Mitchell. Kwinn is an author (and artist, as you'll see!) based in Phoenix, AZ with a sci-fi trilogy in the works. He runs a podcast (Sci-Fi Happy Hour) that talks about sci-fi and geek culture. The podcast is on hiatus at the moment, but he has plans to resume… Continue reading Interview: Kwinn Mitchell, Author (& Artist)